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Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27, 2006 Update

  • CHUCK NEWS ALERT!!! Barkley finally realized that being a Republican was not such a smooth move, after all. From the AP: 'Former basketball star Charles Barkley says he's switched political teams from Republican to Democrat and is again talking about running for governor in his home state, possibly in 2010.

    Barkley continued to identify himself as a Republican until recently, when he switched parties. "I was a Republican until they lost their minds," he said earlier this month.'

    '"If it wasn't for Arkansas and Mississippi, we'd be dead last in everything. I think we can do better," he said.'

    I love this quote, too (check out the person's name): 'The head of the state GOP said she has no idea whether Barkley is serious when talking about a future race for governor as a Democrat. "To be governor requires more than a publicity stunt. It requires real leadership," said Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh.'

  • On ex-teammate Elliot Perry: ""Elliot was too nice of a guy to be out with me late at night. He was never with me on the several occasions I got arrested. He was in bed early."
    Thanks Jan! (via the Memphis Commercial Appeal)
  • On Stromile Swift and his yet unrealized potential: "He's one of those guys. We're gonna be saying for years it's time for him and the time is going to be over. It's frustrating for me, man, when I see a guy with that kind of ability. I think we can fairly say the jury is still out, but we've been saying that for (six) years. You know, one of my favorite lines on television and he's in that category, is, man, that boy can run and jump. So can a deer. But I'd never put a deer in a game."
    Thanks Jan! (via the Memphis Commercial Appeal)!
  • "I do have one question: Have you ever seen Gollum, John Clayton and Sam Cassell in the same place before?"
    Thanks Vijay!
  • "It's always about the superstars. When you went to Chicago, you weren't gonna mess with Michael. When you go to LA, you weren't gonna mess with Magic. When in Boston, you weren't gonna mess with Larry. But when you go to Houston, you could beat the hell outta Kenny."
    Thanks Vijay!
  • Just before the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship began: "I'm trying to get my game to peak tomorrow. My only goal at these tournaments is not to come in dead last."
  • "The only thing Christian Laettner has in common with Larry Bird is they both pee standing up."
    Thanks Brad (via Slate Mag)!
  • Charles said something along the lines of "That game is gonna be a barn barner". Kenny and Ernie were making fun of him for screwing up his words, then he replied to Kenny: "Right between the eyes. That's where you're gonna get it."
    Thanks Clark!
  • At one point in the season, a player threw a ball into the crowd out of frustration and was penalized. They showed footage of the man that got hit by the ball being taken away in a stretcher and his daughter was crying. Charles commented that players take passes to the face all the time. He topped it off by saying: "You know why that little girl's crying? It's because she's thinking 'my daddy's a wussy'".
    Thanks Clark!