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Friday, July 08, 2005

July 8, 2005 Update

  • [From STEVE KING - Philadelphia Daily News]: When asked about a possible career as an analyst in another field - maybe golf - Barkley said: "Trust me, there are enough jackasses on television right now who think they know about every sport, so I'm going to stick to basketball... If you don't play the sport, then you're just a guy voicing his opinion. Dan Marino would be great on Monday Night Football, but I wouldn't want him coming over to the NBA."

  • On playing a celebrity golf tournament: "As long as Chris Webber is playing, I know I won't come in dead last. I know I can at least beat him."

  • On the camera shot of Steve Nash's wife and twin baby daughters:
    EJ: And there we see the wife of the MVP and his newborn twins.
    Charles: She's an MVP too!
  • Thanks Marc!


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