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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, 2005 Update

  • After the spurs received their 04-05 championship rings: "They [The NBA] could save some time and just give em the rings they're gonna give em next year."

  • "They [Phoenix Suns] are like the Jackson Five without Michael. That's exactly what losing Amare Stoudamire is."

  • "If I didn't have my gambling problem I would never work at all."
    Thanks Ryan!

  • "...that light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes it's a train."
    Thanks Ryan!

  • Jay Leno - "You ever bet on something and just said: This is crazy?"

    Barkley - "Sunday night Jay. I bet on the Houston Texans. I have no idea what I was feelin. I'm like, I call my guy I said, 'Houston's gotta win a game sooner or later don't they?' I'm thinkin ok they on national television. Every jock gets excited when they on national television. There's no way you gonna embarass yourself... I was wrong."
    Thanks Ryan!

  • Ernie: "Here's Shaquile O'Neal, he's put on 15 pounds in the offseason, all muscle he says."

    Charles: "That's what all fat people say - 'It's all muscle'"

  • To Kenny the Jet, who was late to work: "When we say go on at seven, that don't mean black folk time."

  • "Only half the people are going to like you anyway; the half that don't like you need a life."
    Thanks Valeria and Pat!

  • On hypnotism today on the Oprah Winfrey Show, in regards to his terrible golf swing:

    "I went to go get hypnotised so I would get rid of the yips with my golf swing....all i got was a good nap."
    Thanks Pat!

    Blogger Sparky said...

    I tried to email you, but it kicked back to me...

    Yesterday on MSN's homepage, they had a link depicting Barkley as one of the most overrated players in NBA history. Tripe!

    Anyhooters... I was compelled to write my own rebuttal and your extensive list of Barkley quotes was indespensible!

    Check it out if you like--let me know if you want credit. (Wasn't sure if you'd be okay with me publishing your site address so I didn't.)


    2:06 PM  
    Blogger Croc said...

    No problem. Good rebuttal post on your site! I'll keep posting Chuck's comments as I hear about 'em, use his "words of wisdom" anyway you like. Thanks!

    1:55 PM  

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