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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November 30, 2005 Update

  • On Phil Jackson handing out books to his team: "He needs to give that team a Bible. Only God can help them. They're terrible."
  • [From last season] "If Ginobili doesn't make the All-Star team, then I'm not going to Denver."
    Thanks Jacqueline!
  • Here's one in response to San Antonio's opening night victory over the Nuggets, which includes Reggie and Charles trying to pronounce Fabricio Oberto's name.

    Charles: "That's bad news for the West."
    Ernie: "It certainly is."
    Charles: "Because San Antonio, number one, with Tim Duncan and Ginobili playing basketball all summer...They won it last year, and they're much better, I think Nick Van Exel is going to be a great addition, and Michael Finley, and I can't pronounce that big kid's name, but he's gonna play well also."
    Reggie: "Francisco Oberto!"
    Charles: "Oh, you bilingual now!"
    Thanks Dion!

  • [I like this one even though it's not really a Charles quote. Taken from the Arizona Republic on Nov. 19th] On TNT's postgame show Thursday, analyst Charles Barkley said Kurt Thomas and Brian Grant are good players but are "plodders" who don't fit the Suns' system. "At least he says I can play a little bit," Thomas said. "At least he gave me a little credit."


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