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Monday, February 06, 2006

February 7, 2006 Update

  • "I just wish all these young black kids would realize how significant it is to stop acting a fool out there, killing each other, not getting their education. You know, people have died to put us in a situation to be successful."
  • "I know a lot of people did a lot of heavy lifting to make me successful and I do everything in my power not to screw it up."
  • "Larry Bird must be rolling in his grave." [I missed this one the first time I read it. So, read it a second time while picturing Larry in a luxury box, watching a Pacers game.]
  • When asked to say something about the L.A. Sports Arena: "This place? Nothing positive. OK, I want to say something positive. It's positively a dump."
  • On the Celtics trade w/Minnesota: "I bet that will change the balance of power... I think UConn can beat them... what do you think of that Rudy Gay?"
    Thanks Lucas and Miguel!
  • "I'm not going to argue with you, Ernie. I'll hit you in the left eye."
    Thanks Fendi!
  • On Allen Iverson wearing a throwback jersey: "You know when you get a certain age you shouldn't be allowed to wear throwback jerseys. Throwbacks don't look good at the parent-teacher meetings"
    Thanks Johnnie!

  • Charles was going off on the NAACP and Jim Brown yesterday, December 14, 2005, calling Jim Brown an "Angry Black Man, and a jackass" for putting Donovan McNabb down. When Dan Patrick asked if Charles was going to be on the phone with him after the commercial break. Charles replied, "I'm just a black man on the telephone."
    Thanks Josh!
  • "Golf is, by far and away, the most racist sport in the world"
    Thanks Kenny!
  • "Black people get treated like crap in this country. White folks who don't have money get treated like crap. So listen, if you don't like it - Don't watch! Okay Ernie, let's talk about basketball."
    Thanks Kenny!
  • "You know like you go to a big city they have like Ruth's Chris or Morton's Steakhouse? If you in a small town you gonna get a Sizzler and that's it."
    Thanks Kenny!
  • Charles (To Kenny) : We both think you're ugly
    Kenny: I'd rather be smart than beautiful
    Charles: Well you're 0-2 (0 for 2)
    Thanks Faysal!
  • "I'm gonna go home and get naked again in the mirror cuz I don't look like Rerun or Al Roker. There's some deception going on. I'm not fat y'all! I'm big-boned."
    Thanks Kenny!