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Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25, 2007 Archive

  • Charles Barkley regarding Dan Issels fine when calling a heckling fan a Mexican. "I don't think he (Issel) should have been fined or suspended. Some fans just need to be beaten down!"
    Thanks Rod!
  • "You don't wear Nike, it's going to happen. They gave him all that money to wear those cheap Filas." -- TNT's Charles Barkley, re: Grant Hill's foot injuries.
  • "Everybody should have the right to be honest. Only in sports and celebrity can you not be honest." -- Barkley quoted in a profile on HBO's Real Sports.
  • "How long do you think Steve Nash spent on his hair? 5 seconds? 10 seconds?"
  • EJ: "Did they recognize you in South Dakota?" Charles: "Yes, they did. It was easy because I was the only black person there. When they see me walking down the street they say 'There he goes again'. And when I come back the next year they say 'He's back yawl!'"
  • EJ: "Did you graduate from Auburn?" Charles: "No, but I have a couple people working for me who did."
  • "You gotta tell Craig Sager to stop telling other people what I said. They don't need to know my business."
  • Barkley to Ernie Johnson after comedian Carrot Top is seen holding Johnson's picture: "That is your oldest son right? He looks like you."
  • Barkley on Turner Sports office having a betting pool on his weight: "That is starting to hurt my feelings. I don't mind skinny people making fun of me, we all do that, but I don't want fat people making fun of me."

  • "This is my schedule: I wake up in the morning, decide where to play golf and drink beer all day."
  • "I've been rich and poor. Being rich is better."
  • "Damn Ted Turner! Whose idea was it to start these games at nine o'clock? That's some sad shit! When I own this network, there's gonna be a lot of changes around here. Number one - all your asses are gonna be history!."
  • "From now on, if Michael or Shaq aren't playing, I aint showing up." [to the studio]
  • "we better not be doing the Bulls this year. Man, they suck! Bunch of high school kids with $70 million contracts. Damn! I hate my mother for having me too soon."
  • "I'm just what America needs - another unemployed black man."
  • "I don't need to be on TV. If I had a good agent, I'd be on Temptation Island. I wanna be around a bunch of naked-ass girls. That's just good television programming."
  • "I can't believe we're talking about high school guys being good in the NBA when they average six points a game. I could do that right now, and I ain't touched a basketball in a couple of months."
  • On Jerry Krause still being able to keep his job as GM of the Chicago Bulls: "Jerry Krause must have pictures of his boss's wife having sex with a monkey."
  • "when I was recruited at Auburn [university], they took me to a strip joint. When I saw those titties on Buffy, I knew that Auburn met my academic requirements."
  • "All I know is, as long as I led the Southeastern Conference in scoring, my grades would be fine."
  • "I always hang out with people with money and make them pay for everything."
  • On Vince Carter : "He played like a girl all last year. TV made him a superstar. Now he has to play like one and quit whining."
  • "I really don't eat that much. I just, more or less, tend to eat all the time."
  • On Peter Vescey calling him fat on TV: "I told him I'm gaining weight and I can lose weight, but he's always going to be ugly. I am not going to jump him on TV because there'll be witnesses. If I beat him up, it's going to be in a dark alley somewhere. The truth is, I'm going to have to get bigger clothes or start hanging out with fat people to look skinnier."
  • "My goals are to play the piano and get really, really, really fat."
  • "Nick, Nick, Nick - You're a good player, but you are a goof for giving up 26 million dollars. There ain't many black people that got a lot of money and if you give up 26 million dollars, you're just a stone idiot.
  • To Billy Crystal, the only 'famous' Clippers fan: "How did you not become a Laker fan like all the other phony celebrities?"

    Blogger catherine todd said...

    Great site with Charles Barkley quotes... now I'm a fan!

    12:14 AM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    What's a "pookie", anyway?

    1:20 PM  
    Blogger phillyrbw1 said...

    Charles was a great player and an equally good analyst. Oh yeah and honest he says what most us only think.

    2:45 PM  
    Blogger James said...

    How could one not be a fan of Barkley? So honest....yet so insightful!

    4:34 PM  
    Blogger Brandon Clay said...

    Had no idea he has so many racist comments.

    7:52 PM  
    Blogger Brandon Clay said...

    Had no idea he has so many racist comments.

    7:52 PM  
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