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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 10, 2007 Update

  • About Steve Kerr missing the game played in Sacramento (hurt with back spasms): "Guys never get hurt when they have to go to L.A. or New York. They only get hurt when they have to go to Sacramento. I never missed a game because of back spasms."
  • To 7-foot Andrew Bynum, who was being guarded by 6-7 Kenny Thomas: "Don't hesitate. You've got a midget guarding you."
  • On the prospects of public financing for a new Kings arena: "One of the travesties of sports is when you get poor people to build a rich people's arena."
  • Barkley said he was enjoying being a courtside analyst. "I don't have Ernie and Kenny ignoring me," he said, referring to fellow studio hosts Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith.
Taken from the L.A. Times


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