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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6, 2006 Update

  • Kenny Smith said 'Charles doesn't make great points often with me but I wanna make sure that point was said.' (then repeated what Sir Charles said...) Sir Charles responded 'what do you mean i don't make good points all the time?'
    Thanks Jacqueline!
  • Ernie Johnson: "Okay, you're threatening to hit me again."
    Charles: "Threatening is when you won't do it. I'll do it."
    Thanks Stan!
  • Barkley: Reggie was the stunt double in Brokeback Mountain.
    Thanks Rodney!
  • Ernie Johnson, on Reggie Evans being caught grabbing the rocks of Chris Kaman: "(Reggie Evans) got caught with his hand in the cookie jar."
    Charles Barkley: "Ernie, I don't know where you get your cookies at but the rest of us don't get ours there."
    Thanks Spartdog!
  • Magic Johnson: "Don't worry about us, just play the game."
    Barkley: "Or do like the Pistons — blame the coach. Don't ever blame the announcers."
  • About Raja Bell and his injury: "I’m not a doctor, but I know you need two legs to play basketball."

  • After hearing Raja Bell refer to he and Magic and Kenny as "those guys": "Make sure you have someone else crank up your car tonight," he told Bell. "Me and Magic both disappeared during the game. TNT people were looking for us. So have a friend you don't like crank up your car."
  • After seeing David Hasselhoff in the stands: "It ain't like he's got anything else to do. How long has Baywatch been over with?"
  • "Fort Worth? Fort Worth ain't big enough to have a newspaper."
  • On a new TV show called "My Boys", which starred a blonde, Jordana Spiro, as a sportswriter. "Sportswriters don't look like that. They’re more like the troll variety."
  • On Steve Nash: "I’ve only said this two times in my life, but that's a bad white boy."
  • After a Brokeback Mountain joke showing Barkley and Kenny's heads superimposed onto the bodies of the film’s gay cowboys: "I was behind Kenny! I was the Mountain part. He was the Brokeback."
  • On the Grizzlies and their loss to Dallas: "Those Grizzlies are more like pandas."
    Thanks Spartdog!
  • "Do I have a gambling problem? I do have a gambling problem, but it's not really a problem because I can afford to gamble."
    Thanks Ronnie!
  • "We're witnessing something -- we are witnessing an ass-kicking." -- Barkley, on LeBron.
    Thanks Nick and Spartdog!
  • "Maybe, if (Rick Adelman) gets lucky, Flip Saunders will go to the Knicks and he can take over the Pistons and win a Championship. That worked out last year pretty good for somebody." -- Barkley.
    Thanks Spartdog!
  • "He (Popeye Jones) got ears like Reggie Miller and Grant Hill - they can all hear with the best of them."
    Thanks Adam!
  • When asked about his daughter getting to the age where she's going to start dating, Charles said, "I figure if I kill the first one, word will get out."
    Thanks Rich!
  • While with the 76ers: "We've only got one play, somehow..some way...just get the ball to me."
    Thanks Rich!
  • At a press conference before the Dream Team played Angola: "I don't know anything about Angola, but I know they're in trouble."
    Thanks Rich!
  • While with the 76ers he was asked what the game plan was. He said, "to score more points than the other team".
    Thanks Rich!
  • [Not sure about the exact wording, but this one is great...] Talking about the Portland Trailblazers and their inconsistent play: "You never know what team is gonna show up on a given night, but you can bet they will be high."
    Thanks Mark!
  • I'd never buy my girl a watch... she's already got a clock over the stove.
    Thanks Jessy and Sandman!
  • Reggie was giving an analysis on Ron Artest's impact to the Kings and Charles had an interesting response
    Reggie: He(Artest) brings energy and toughness...
    Barkley: Plus they are playing the Bulls. Bill Wennington must be rolling over his grave
    Thanks Rodney!
  • Sir Charles: How many times do teams to go home and say "honey, we lost by thirty five"?
    Thanks Rodney!

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