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Friday, June 16, 2006

June 16, 2006 Update

  • To Kenny: "Tiny Archibald didn't even know you were alive before today...(when you called) he said, 'Kenny who?'"
  • [From the 2005 playoffs] "Steve Nash is willing his team to win. He has that mentality of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and says 'we're not going to lose tonight.' It is fun for me to watch because he represents everything that is good about the game."
  • [From the 2005 playoffs] Kenny Smith on the Fruit of the Loom label taped to Barkley's suit: "So now we know (if you wear) boxers or briefs."
    Barkley: "(My underwear) don't even have sizes anymore, they just say 'HUGE.'"
  • [I've received something close to this twice, but I cannot find the exact words, so I'll let Bill quote Sir Charles]
    "When talking to Oprah, I walk in , I'm minding my own business, I ain't said nothing to nobody. Somebody asks me my opinion and I give it to them , then they get pissed at me.
    The only reason most people don't like me is because they life sucks.

  • Thanks Bill!


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