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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 4, 2007 Update

  • On possibly running for governor in Alabama, Barkley said, ''I can't screw up the country any more than it is.''
    (via the Bob Costas show)

    • 'You know that I've been to Vegas a hundred times and I've never seen a show,'' he said.

    Costas: ''Is that right? No Shecky Greene? No Lola Falana?''

    Barkley: ''They never have a show at the blackjack table.''

    (via the Bob Costas show)

    • On Mo Cheeks: "He doesn't have a fair chance," Barkley said. "He cannot be judged by this situation. They put him at the helm of the Titanic. There was no way this situation was going to work. No way. They don't have any identity. What kind of team are they? They're not a defensive team. They're not a fastbreak team. What are they trying to do? If Allen stays, they're still not a playoff team. He's just going to get older."


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