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Friday, June 16, 2006

June 16, 2006 Archive

    From April, 2001 Postings

  • But [the NBA] don't have to change the rules. They've already screwed the game up; if they keep changing rules, they can just merge the WNBA and the NBA. Anybody in their right mind knows the game used to be better.
  • Al Gore's a loser. But he's only the second biggest loser in Washington. The Wizards are the biggest losers in Washington.
  • When asked about his grades at Auburn, he said, "As long as I was leading the SEC in rebounding, my grades would be fine."
  • On Larry Bird being criticized by teammates for shooting too much: "If you’ve got a Mercedes, you drive it."
  • On being misquoted in his autobiography: "That was my fault. I should have read it before it came out."
  • On facing Cuba in the ’92 Olympics: "What do I know about Cuba? The country is run by a scruffy-looking guy who smokes cigars -– that’s all I know."
  • On how Michael Jordan could derive more enjoyment from his celebrity status: "Take security. Or be like me: Just punch a few people, and give them $10,000."
  • On his greatest enemy: "I thought Bill Laimbeer was the whiniest, most despicable, most disgusting guy in the game. On the other hand, I always respected him as a player."
  • On his retirement: "Just what America needs--another unemployed black man."
  • On why he endorses Nike, even though its shoes sell for more than $100: "Hey, they don't stop selling Mercedes Benzes just because some people can't afford them, do they?"


Blogger dreamsatopanashtray said...

dude, great job on listing a lot of sir charles's quotes over the net. but dude, i really got to ask, if charles barkley sees this blog, won't he be surprised to see his quotes bulleted --- flowerstyle? :D 'side from that, you the man! peace!

5:26 PM  
Blogger Croc said...

hmmm... good point. i gotta change the template on this thing. i'll try to find a basketball icon for the bullets. thanks for the tip!

12:23 PM  

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